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Author: dinochen1983
Time: 2023-12-31
[小记]ETE2018是由陈学伟(DINO)与李明(LI MING)开发的集成程序,它可以完成结构概念设计
我们的微信公众号是 DINOSTRU , 或扫码关注, 微信的更新是永远最快的。
Author: dinochen1983
Time: 2023-12-27
Author: dinochen1983
Time: 2023-12-09

[OpenSEES]OpenSEES v2.0.0资料下载

Current version is: 2.0.0

Your last download was on Thu Jan 10 07:29:54 2008,
and the version was 1.7.5.

OpenSees executables for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista are available for download. The current version of OpenSees has been tested and is generally stable. However, users may encounter problems when running a new problem for the first time. For that reason we we strongly encourage you to participate in the various message boards hosted by OpenSees. And please report any bugs you find! That, of course, is the whole reason we make these binaries available.
OpenSees uses Tcl/Tk, a general purpose scripting language that we have extended with commands for OpenSees. It is necessary to download a DLL for the Tcl/Tk interpreter.
The first step is download the two files below. The first file a zip file containing the OpenSees executable. The second file is a self-installing executable for Tcl/Tk.
Note that for those of you who have downloaded before, YOU WILL HAVE TO INSTALL Tcl/Tk LIBRARIES AND HEADER FILES AGAIN. This is because we have upgraded to Tcl/Tk Version 8.4.6

DOWNLOAD Windows Binaries
Release_2.0.0 OpenSees2.0.0.exe tcl/tk 8.4.6

After downloading the Tcl/Tk executable you will need to run it to install the DLL's on your computer. As can be seen in the downloading section of the Getting Started Manual you will be asked were to install the files. Currently the default is C:\tcl. It is essential that you change this to "C:\Program Files\Tcl" during the course of the installation. If when you start OpenSees, you see an error message to the effect, "Cannot find tcl84.dll", you have skipped this step and must reinstall tcl. Note that you wil probably have to uninstall the version you just installed first.

Finally, locate the opensees.exe in a convenient directory. It is advisable to execute OpenSees from a DOS shell and you are ready to go!


An OpenSees executable for Apple Machines with Intel an processor(s) running OS10.4 or greater is available for download. You can download it here.


OpenSees Tk executables are also available for Windows and Apple Machines with Intel processor(s) running Mac OS10.4 or greater. These applications allow you to build GUIs for OpenSees using the Tk graphical toolkit. The windows application is available here and The Mac application here.

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小向 [2012-02-29 03:15 PM]
您好,我是初学者请问opensees tcl editor这个在哪可以下载安装
李佳 [2010-07-30 08:30 PM]
dinochen1983 [2010-07-29 11:27 PM]
李佳 [2010-07-21 10:34 AM]
我现在也在学习opensees. 想请教你有没有 buildingtcl 这个程序,我找不到下载的地址。。。
小兵 [2010-04-28 10:38 PM]
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